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Aino U10a out for North America

North Americans rejoice. Just a few weeks after the Euro version of Aino, the U10i, came out the U10a for the Americas is now out. This is the same phone except with Triband HSPA 850/1900/2100 that is compatible with AT&T and Rogers 3G networks. The price for this phone is $600 USD. It includes the phone, wall charger, USB cable, Bluetooth headset, headphones, dock, and 8GB microSD card.

Sony Ericsson Launches Aino™ Multimedia Unlocked Mobile Phone with Enhanced Entertainment Features and Touch Screen Technology

What: Sony Electronics announced today the new Sony Ericsson Aino™ unlocked handset, now available at Sony Style stores nationwide and for about $600.

For unlocked purists and style seekers, the Sony Ericsson Aino™ phone is a 3G-enabled mobile phone that offers on-the-go entertainment and rich multimedia features. Entertainment options are nearly limitless – capture photos, listen to music, view videos and access content from your PlayStation®3 console and home PC with its unique Remote Play, Media Home, and Media Go™ features. Providing a superior user experience, the Aino™ phone offers integrated Wi-Fi® connection, an intuitive touch screen display and a dazzling 8.1 Megapixel camera. To complete the entertainment package, the Aino™ phone includes Stereo Bluetooth® headphones, charging base, 8GB microSD™ memory card and a USB connector cable in the box.

· TOUCH: Access and capture all of life's moments with the Aino™ phone's 3-inch, crisp 432 x 240 touch screen display. With a unique and interactive user-interface, the Aino™ phone gives users an exceptional listening, watching and communicating experience by simply tapping or sliding a fingertip across the screen. The Aino™ phone's media browser with 3D navigation offers an intuitive understanding of where users are at all times, making it simple to navigate through the phone's suite of media features and personal multimedia content. Additionally, the Aino™ phone includes a traditional key pad for quick and easy dialing.

· DOWNLOAD: Gain the freedom to wirelessly download content with an established Wi-Fi® connection using the Aino™ phone's Media Home functionality. When set on Automatic Download, Media Home will check every 30 minutes for all of your latest podcasts, photos, videos and music, and instantly upload them from your PC to the Aino™ phone. The Media Go™ application is the easiest way to organize media stored on a PC and transfer it to the Aino™ phone, transcoding movies to the best format for your mobile phone.

· CONNECT: Use PlayStation®3 Remote Play to seamlessly access music, videos and photos stored on your PS3 at home as well as remotely control your PS3 from anywhere in the world. By logging on to the PlayStation®Network, users can chat with PSN friends and even purchase items from the PlayStation®Store.

· CAPTURE: Catch crystal clear photos with the Aino™ phone's 8.1 Megapixel camera that displays images in up to 16.7 million colors. The Aino™ phone is loaded with imaging features, such as dedicated camera buttons, Auto/touch Focus, photo flash, image stabilization, a 16x digital zoom, Face Detection and BestPic technologies and auto-rotation of images. The Geo-Tag™ application and the pre-installed Google Maps™ application allow users to view the location where photos are taken and the Aino™ phone's wireless functionality allows users to share and view photos between their phone, PC and even their TV.

Why: Sony Electronics is the only authorized distributor of SEMC unlocked handsets in North America for Sony Ericsson. The benefits for consumers include the SEMC manufacturer's warranty when bought through an authorized dealer, as well as full customer support for the Aino™ phone and other Sony Ericsson unlocked handsets.

Who: The Aino™ phone is for mobile phone users who are tapped into the latest in mobile phone design and technology and who typically purchase unlocked phones for their added features and the flexibility to switch phones whenever the latest technology is available.

When: Oct. 27, 2009 at 12:01 a.m. PST

Sony Style Link

Sony Ericsson Satio UI

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rachael XPERIA X10 to be announced November 3

Rachael or the XPERIA X10 is finally being announced on November 3. After months of speculation, we are a week out now from announcement. This is the Android 2.0 powered, 8MP, full touch screen phone. Like other Android phones, social networks will be integrated into it as well as Google Apps. The source code of the website shows that the website is for Rachael.


SE Equinox Available on T-Mobile USA October 28

The SE Equinox, which is a branded version of the T707, is being released on T-Mobile USA for the low price of $50 on October 28. This is a mid range 3G flip phone with 3.2 MP fixed focus camera, QVGA display, and Youtube app.

New Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) Phone, Now Available at T-Mobile USA, Lights Up Your Life, Literally

See your faves in a new light with the Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) phone

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Ericsson delivers a stylish, chic phone this fall with the introduction of the Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) phone at T-Mobile USA, Inc. This mobile device offers exciting features that encourage individualism through unique pulsating night effects that enable users to never miss a call or text message.

The Equinox(TM) phone is truly an interactive 3G(1) phone equipped with enhanced design features and built-in GPS. With eye-catching night effects, you can give your five favorite people their own, unique pulsating light effect and when a call comes in, you'll know who it is in a flash. The custom light features come in Amber, Sapphire, Beryl, Diamond, and Amethyst. The Equinox(TM) phone has an array of changing wall paper themes that will ensure you're always color coordinated.

The Equinox(TM) phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera and is loaded with great multimedia features, including an integrated application that lets you shoot amazing video and easily upload(2) it directly to the YouTube(TM) application. The Equinox(TM) phone also has an integrated FM radio and Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology, and boasts gesture control that lets users reject incoming calls or silence an alarm with the wave of a hand.

"The Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) phone echoes Sony Ericsson's tradition of style, personalization and multimedia," said Karen Morris, vice president of marketing, Sony Ericsson. "With a host of dynamic features that put the power of personality in your hands, it's a stunning 3G phone that reflects the mood of each individual user."

Maria Sharapova Look-a-like Contest

In celebration of the stylish Equinox(TM) phone, tennis star Maria Sharapova will make an appearance at the grand opening of a new T-Mobile store in Los Angeles on October 31, 2009. At this event, Sony Ericsson will hold a Maria Sharapova look-a-like contest(3). Fashionistas who think they can match Maria's style will get the chance to meet Maria and compete to win the title of Maria's best look-a-like. Other prizes include Maria-style VIP treatment for a day as well as Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) phones and Sony's VAIO® computers. For additional information, including official rules, visit: or

Get Your Glam On With Kim Kardashian and Equinox(TM) phone

Aspiring fashionistas can get their glam on with style icon Kim Kardashian and the Equinox(TM) phone. Beginning November 9, Kim's fans can enter the "Get Your Glam On" sweepstakes sponsored by Sony Ericsson which will award one lucky winner a trip to Los Angeles to meet Kim and receive the ultimate makeover from her personal glam squad, including a day and night look that coincides with the phones' unique day/night features. BUZZMEDIA will document the winner's entire experience in a video and feature it on Kim's official site, as well as promote it across it's community of leading entertainment news Websites. For additional information, including official rules, visit: or


The Sony Ericsson Equinox(TM) phone is exclusively available at select T-Mobile retail stores and online at beginning October 28, 2009.

Facts and Figures

Size: 93 x 50 x 14.1 mm (approx.)

Weight: 95 grams (approx.)

Available colors: Carbon

Main screen: 2.2"(5) QVGA 262K TFT

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels


GSM/ EDGE 850/900/1800/1900

HSDPA 2100/1700

Legal Information


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Another Sunny pic...

Here is another pic of Sunny, the upcoming waterproof candybar phone. What is unique about this phone is the Home key and what appears to be a new UI. Is it A2, A3, Symbian, or Android? Hopefully we find out sooner rather then later.


Monday, October 19, 2009

CEO Bert wants better handsets

SE’s new chap at the top, Bert Nordberg, is increasingly looking to be someone that is going to do some *** kicking at Sony Ericsson. Why do I say this? Well let’s look at an interview he recently gave to a Swedish website. In the interview Mr Nordberg made some comments that should give Sony Ericsson’s beleaguered customers a little bit of hope that we may at last, at long last, be seeing the company turn in the right direction.

For one Mr Nordberg wants to see Sony Ericsson return to profitability by next year. That’s a bold statement to make considering the losses the company has sustained over the past year ad the fact that the global economic recovery is still in its early days. Indeed the website conducting the interview made a point to note that most analysts are still looking at 2011 before SE can once again turn a profit. At any rate it’s a sign that Mr Nordberg is aiming high at least.

Next on his list is to cut the number of managers at Sony Ericsson. He says he wants a ‘flatter’ structure, most likely meaning a lot less bureaucracy (which if you’ve ever dealt with Sony Ericsson you will know can be headache inducing). It’s also about economics though, reducing the number of managers will save Sony Ericsson money. As you may recall Sony Ericsson has already implemented job cuts, with more than 2,000 jobs already having gone. It’s never a good thing when someone loses their job of course, but hopefully these measures see the company turn a profit again all the sooner and enable them to start creating jobs again.

Mr Nordberg saved the best for last though when he talked about the main road to profitability …better and more expensive handsets! His actual statement being:

"We should spend more on advanced phones and raise the average selling price … We will not chase market share by selling 25 dollar phones in India"

It almost brings a tear to your eye. It actually sounds like the Sony Ericsson of old again. It looks like the big bold handsets that enter the market to kick *** are coming back thanks to a CEO who, as I said, looks to be kicking some *** too with his call for “swift and decisive action”.


Link Swedish

BRAVIA U1 Live pics

Here you go.


BRAVIA U1 announced for AU KDDI

The first BRAVIA phone for AU KDDI was announced today. It features standard Japanese phone features, 3" WVGA screen, 5.14MP AF camera with flash, WiFi, GPS, microSD up to 16GB, etc. It also features waterproofing and Sony Blu-ray forwarding technology (you can enjoy Blu-ray on your phone by syncing it to a Blu-ray player).

Link 2

AU KDDI announces SE Urbano Barone for older consumers

Japanese carrier AU KDDI announced the SE Urbano Barone today. It is a phone designed for older consumers in Japan with high contrast keypad and other features. The main part of the phone is standard for Japan featuring 3" WVGA screen, 5.14MP AF camera with flash, WiFi, GPS, microSD up to 16GB, etc.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sync with the Sony Ericsson Cloud website

Now you can sync contacts, calender, task, notes and bookmarks with the Sony Ericsson website in a "cloud service". First you have to register an account at Sony Ericsson then you have the settings sent to your phone or manually input them. Then you can sync what you want and your information will be stored on the SE website. This provides a great back up tool for your info. I just used it yesterday to sync my K850i contacts and it worked perfectly.

Here is a video link

Here is the website Link

Friday, October 16, 2009

Q3 2009 Results are in

The results are in and SE did badly again in Q3 2009. July to September they lost €164. They sold 45% less handsets this Q3 then last year (25.7 vs 14.1 million) but did better then last quarters 13.8 million. With Satio, Aino, Yari, and XPERIA X2 coming out this quarter along with the holidays, Q4 will have to be good.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

XPERIA X3 Rachael live pic has posted a live shot of the XPERIA X3/Rachael.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunny and Susan coming from SE

jockep over at Esato has leaked two renders of new phones. Both have 5MP cameras with LED flash. Susan is a water proof candybar while Sunny is a splash proof slider.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kurana/Kurara leaked

Xell over at SE World has leaked a pic of Kurana/Kurara. This is a full touch screen phone and should be announced in early 2010.


New candybar phone from SE

SE is going to release this candybar phone in early 2010.


Aino plus Opera Mini 5 equals full touch screen browsing

Opera Mini 5 and the Sony Ericsson Aino make a good combo browsing the web. It allows the more advanced touch screen version of the browser to run on it with full touch screen. This means SE will allow developers to use the touch screen beyond the initial media browser. Can't wait to try this out in real life.

Sony Ericsson Aino x Opera mini 5 demo from ePrice on Vimeo.


SE Aino Review in Thai

My SEEO has posted an Aino review in Thai. Click the link to see the translated article.


XPERIA X5 Pureness approved by FCC

The FCC has approved the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 Pureness. It reveals Pureness is also the XPERIA X5. It has Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 2100 UMTS/HSPA.


Sony Ericsson Satio unboxing (Greek)

Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 in the flesh

Sony Ericsson Jalou Video Review

Sony Ericsson T715 VideoReview

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Satio video walkthrough

Symbian Guru has put up a bunch of videos of Satio with walkthroughs of all the features.

Sony Ericsson turns 8 years old

Today is Sony Ericsson's 8th birthday. The company was founded today October 3 in 2001. Hope to see many more birthdays from the company.

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