Monday, May 19, 2008

Latest product Demo Videos

Here you go. Thanks to for uploading the latest Sony Ericsson Demo Videos for the G700, G900, C702, C902.

First up is the G700, featuring 2.4" touchscreen, 3MP fixed focus camera, UIQ 3.0.

The G900 upgrades on that with WiFi, 5MP Autofocus camera with touch autofocus, UIQ 3.0.

Then we have the Cybershots. C702 with 3.2MP AutoFocus, LED Flash, GPS, 2.2" screen

C902 5MP AutoFocus, PhotoFlash LED, 2,0" Screen

G700 and G900 will be released next week then 2 weeks laters we will see the C702 and C902.

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