Saturday, June 14, 2008

USEB leaks S302, F305, 3 Bluetooth headsets

Mizzle over at USEB has kept his word and leaked 2 phones and 3 Bluetooth headsets that are set to be announced on June 17. First up we have the S302, the first in a new line of Snapshot phones. It is fairly low end candybar with QuadBand GSM/EDGE, 2" 176x220 screen, 2MP fixed focus camera, and A2DP. Then we have the new gaming phone, the F305. Featuring the same specs as the S302, this slider is from the new Gaming line. What is unique though it features Wii-like controls on the 3 preloaded games of Fishing, Bowling, and Jockey. Interesting how they are doing this and I am sure there will be future games that take advantage of this motion control as well. Last but not least we have three new bluetooth headsets, the HBH-PV-715, HBH-PV-720, and the HBH-PV-740. They look to have the same specs feature wise, just the casing and accessories that come with them will be different.

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