Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

SEMC Blog has put up a prediction for 2009. I like the part about more Cybershots. A QWERTY, Blackberry form factor, Xenon Flash, 3G Cybershot would be a great.

SEMC Blog wants to wish you a Happy New Year! And let the new 2009 bring you only pleasant surprises! Sony Ericsson also prepared some pleasant surprises for us. Some of them will be released very soon - in February, others will be released later. Cyber-shot portfolio will be significantly increased. Cyber-shot portfolio got new form-factors, touch-screens, 12-Megapixel cameras and optical zoom! Walkman portfolio also got some updates. I would like to highlight a new Walkman 4.0. It will be real surprise. I would say, that new Walkman 4.0 supported themes. Yeah! This feature has Walkman 2.0, but in version 3.0 it was removed. At the beginning of the year will be released Brittany - W380’s successor with small external screen and special music keys. Other sub-brands also got updates: S302 will have a successor in Snapshot portfolio. F305 will have a gaming-successor. Z555 also will have a successor: stylish emotional clamshell with small external screen. This clamshell will be next phone of Maria Sharapova. But there are also two bad sides of 2009 year. First bad side is, that Sony Ericsson already cancelled some phones for 2009. About them we will talk later. Second bad side is well-known copy-paste strategy. In 2009 Sony Ericsson will announced two special-versions of F305: one music version and one imaging version. I hope, that 2009 year will be a good year for Sony Ericsson company. Happy New Year!


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