Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sony Ericsson = splitsville

Are Sony and Ericsson wanting to split? According to this article, Ericsson wants to end the relationship and have Sony buy its share. Bad times if this is true.

Sony Joint venture

Ericsson wants to step out

Of Astrid Maier

The Swedish telecommunications group Ericsson plans to say good-bye, from the common Handygeschäft with partner Sony. Appropriate discussions with the Japanese electronics firm are running after information from manager magazine.

Separate ways: Sony wants to out-buy the Eric on portion
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Separate ways: Sony wants to out-buy the Eric on portion

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Hamburg - EricssonCharts showwants to step out of the Handygeschäft with the Joint venture partnerCharts showSony. This reports the magazine in its new expenditure, those to managers starting from Friday (20. March) at the kiosk is available.

Sony stated interest to take over the Handyhersteller Sony Ericsson completely reports several with the situation persons trusted.

The planned exit of the world-wide largest outfitter for portable radio net infrastructure, Ericsson, becomes however laborious. Because at the latest after youngest profits collapse partner Sony does not have sufficient money, in order to out-buy to go with Ericsson.

Accordingly negotiations with banks are led at the same time, which the business financiers are. An Eric on speaker did not say the enterprise on request of manager magazine, commentates speculations.


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Rutembergue said...

Olá, que bom que encontrei este blog que trata da Sony Ericssom, eu amo esta marca já tive tr~es celulares da SE, e não me arrependi de ter adquirido nenhum a SE é D+, super legal, com designers inovadores muito lindos. Eu sou brasileiro e li o artigo que fala do possivel fim da parceria da Sony e a Ericsson. Espero que não seja verdade esta separação. Parabéns pelo blog. xau xau.

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