Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More rumors for 2009

Eomer over at Mobile review reports the following.

X2 this year, yes. Improved specs, good for Trekkies. Ha Ha.
OSE touch screen this year also - good specs.
Plus Idou too.
SEMC's challenge is to
(a) take these devices and spin the baselines into daughter phones quickly.
(b) differentiate sufficiently through added value through things like PlayNow and add an App Store; having on-device access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube is fine but everyone else is already doing this. Very few people are getting the same level of user experince on web 2.0 as Apple. The N97 is having a good stab it though along with Ovi Store.
(c) Deliver some s/w stability to the customer, too many SEMC products have had very profile s/w issues.

This is in trend with the slide below which shows that a touchscreen device running on the OSE (which is Sony Ericsson UI for feature phones like C905, C510, W760, etc.) will be out by 2010. X2 will be a nice upgrade to the X1.


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