Monday, September 21, 2009

MH907 Gandalf Headset announced

SE's new headset was announced today. The MH907 is the first Motion Activate headset that interacts with ones ears. To start playing music simply insert both buds into your ears. To pause take one out. To stop music take both out. To answer a call simply put one in your ear. It will be available in Q4 in time for the holidays for around $55 USD/39€.

Sony Ericsson introduces a world first – the Motion Activated Headphones MH907

21 September 2009

Escape the ordinary - listen to your favourite music and receive calls without touching a button with the Motion Activated Headphones MH907.

London, September 21st, 2009 – Sony Ericsson today unveils the world’s first ever motion activated headphones that sense the user. The clever MH907 headphones mean users simply plug in two earphones to start listening to music and pause by removing one earbud. To start listening again simply plug it back in. Do exactly the same to answer and end calls – simple as 1,2,3!

Sony Ericsson’s SensMe™ Control technology responds without a single press of a button, and with a Clear Audio experience users encounter superior sound on the move and enjoy their favourite music as it’s meant to be heard.

Sony Ericsson has created a humorous quirky film to demonstrate the product’s unique technology. Partnering with internationally renowned animator Kristofer Ström, the short film debuting today shows a cartoon character riding the bus and switching effortlessly between phone calls and listening to his favourite music. To see the film visit:

“With the MH907 consumers can pocket their phone but still stay connected all day, every day by simply plugging in or removing their earbuds – there is no need for a remote control or any buttons.” said Jacob Sten, Senior Vice President, SEMC Accessories. “At Sony Ericsson we think it is very important to listen to what our customer needs and introducing the world’s first ever motion activated headphones highlights our commitment to offer our customers a complete Communications Entertainment experience. The MH907 supports our realigned brand strategy, which aims to build a fun, playful and inclusive interaction with consumers.”

For further information visit:

The Sony Ericsson Motion Activated Headphones MH907 at a glance


Colours: Yellow/White and Titan Chrome
Size: 164cm long
Weight: 25.32g


Most Sony Ericsson phones with a fast port connector
Please check compatibility at


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