Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nowadays, you can shoot some incredible nice videos with even your cellphone! I was lucky to borrow the new Nokia Lumia 920 to test the camera and see how well it performed when shooting video. Normally a camera would need a lot of light to make nice pictures and videos. In this video we didn't use any strong lights (see behind the scenes for more info!), but since the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 has a nice Carl Zeiss lens with aperture at f2 and the new pureView technology, it was exciting to test it out. I shot everything with both a steadycam and handheld, since the camera got a image stabilization inside the lens. The sound was recorded live by several microphones (not the cellphone) and added in post.

See the behind the scenes here:

The band in the video performed a live session at their studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, while I filmed. Link to the band:

Everything was filmed and edited within 24 hours.

Benjamin Dante (vocal/synth)
Mads von Froberg (synth/bass)
Jonas Jarlkov (drums)

The song "Reach For The Sky" is recorded live and mixed by Mads von Froberg.

Download the song here:

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