Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camera Matrix in C905?

What is the sensor being used in the C905. There are three rumors going around.
1. Samsung CMOS sensor similar to the i8510 INNOV8 but poorer in quality.
2. Sony CCD sensor ICX636/646. (PDF Spec Sheet)

"The C905 comes with an Exmor CMOS image sensor and its unique Column-Parallel A/D Conversion Technique and dual noise reduction with even higher sensitivity and lower noise. The development of a image sensor that combine ease-of-use, advanced image quality and cutting-edge pixel miniaturization and with a focal length of 5.91mm."

The last one makes most sense since it is similar to the sensor used in the Japanese SO905iCS except larger.


c905 said...

I would also like to know this! Can't wait for the phone to be released though! Only a few months!!

razec said...

I doubt C905 is using exmor, as i have searched the entire CX-news on semiconductor page and found nothing about an Exmor CMOS with 8.15megapixels. but i managed to find the icx-636 CCD sensor. it has a size of 1/2.5" which fits C905 body perfectly. the other 8.15mp sensors i found on the sony page are too large to fit C905!(1/1.8" sensor in a cellphone is impossible!) so it'll make sensor for me that CCD is likely the sensor used to it.

as for the samsung cmos, i highly doubt this, given the fact that SE reps have already axed this rumor by telling us that C905 uses a sony sensor :)

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