Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eldar Murtazin views on Sony Ericsson

Eldar Murtazin shared his view of Sony Ericsson and the next year of products from them. Here is his quote

Guys - Frankly I was support SE for ages for creativity, design, for the best quality/price ratio. All things are gone sad.gif

I worked with almost all models which are coming to the market in next 12 months, except X2, X5.

I dont believe in any single products, no such hero products. UIQ is very weak - they trying to make Paris with more memory - ridicioulos. Next year - some new products based on S60 - hey who is the winner? Nokia may be?

X1 will be on selected markets in December - 700-800 Euro. Internally SE discussed that stable version of software will be roll out not untill Feb or even later.

W585 - the same problems with keys like in w580. They know about it now. But discussed - what will be the best way, lauch phone with problems or repair it in house. Funny talking...

I will prepare a long article about crisis inside of SE. It isnt strong company anymore, they dont have clear goals. Pity for me sad.gif

And after all - they thinking that it isnt SE problems, it is my point of view and all products are nearly great... They are living in imaginery world, not the real one sad.gif

I dont like average products and bad build quality. But they loose market share, margin and try to create a new economy - rubbish materials = more margin. Really hate this.

But is nice that he mentioned the X2 and X5. Hopefully these products are just as awesome as the X1.


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