Friday, October 17, 2008

AU KDDI W64s pics

The Sony Ericsson W64s is set to be announced in November for Japan's AU KDDI. This is a very slick looking, glamorous phone that is more about fashion then technology. As a Japan phone though, it will obviously have a large, hi-res screen.


Nisha said...

hi i just love the sony ericsson W64S cell phone in lattice black. do you know where i can buy one. problem is i live in canada, or do you know if the phone can put a sim card?

gigi said...

hi^^ I urge to buy W64s which is in diamond pink color. I come from Malaysia. Is there any place in M'sia can let me buy it?? I will be very grateful if anybody gives the information!

Anonymous said...

hihi, i would like to knw if i can buy it from malaysia or melbourne..pls tell me~~~

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