Saturday, October 18, 2008

SE 2009

Here is some info about SE 2009

Here is list of new phones from Sony Ericsson for 2009 year:
  • Walkman branded phone named W305
  • Entry slider phone
  • Walkman-version of F305
  • Release date: the end of Q1
  • Cyber-shot branded
  • Compact stick phone
  • 3.2-Mp camera
  • One of the K550’s successors
  • Release date: the end of Q1


  • Cyber-shot branded
  • Slider design
  • GPS (!)
  • Active lens cover
  • PhotoFix, Face Detection, Smile Shutter
  • Looks very pretty


  • Snapshot branded
  • Mid-range stick phone
  • Can be successor of S302
  • Release date: Q1, 2009


  • Cyber-shot branded stick phone
  • 140 Mb of memory
  • SnapFish
  • BestPic, PhotoFix, Face Detection, Smile Shutter
  • Colours: Noble Black, Precious Peach, Sincere Silver
  • Cyber-shot branded stick phone
  • Active lens cover
  • 3.2-Mp camera with AF
  • EDGE 900/1800/1900 and HSDPA 2100
  • 120 Mb of memory
  • PhotoFix, Face Detection, Smile Shutter, SnapFish
  • Available in 2 different colours


  • Named W705
  • Walkman-version of G705
  • Wi-Fi with GPS (!)
  • In the box: 4 Gb M2 and HPM-77
  • Available in 3 colours (!)
Thanks to! Some info by Maximys.


Also here is some info from Santa_Claus from Esato
What to expect in 2009

1. UIQ X labeled touch screen; 8MP; H2 2009
2. W900 like form factor; 8MP or more; H2 2009
3. Xperia X?; Google Android; 5MP; Q3 2009
4. Xperia X?; WinMob 7; Q4 2009
5. W9XX, Walkman 4; Q2 2009

According to my info next Xperia will have 5mp. However, that touchscreen UIQX labeled smartphone is very interesting. Also Walkman 4 is coming very soon. In addition, I am glad that W900 form factor will come back. And yes, there will be no P series anymore, acording to my sources. Xperia will represent SE smartphone line: UIQ,WinMob,Android. Maybe there will be 3 or 4 Xperia’s released 2009. I know for sure about 2 of them.

Hikaru project is in status quo. Although they have tasted on TI, and Qualcomm processors but it is not sure if the new UIQ mobile will be Hicaru. Next UIQ is in testing phase and it is showing very good results. Even the interface is very responsive and eye candy they are struggling to put something innovative. Fingerprint lock is not big deal and time will show how effective will be if they agree to implement it. The Xperia device that is testing the new WinMob 7 is running on Qualcomm QSD8250 processor. UIQX device is running on TI OMAP3430. Android testing device has the same processor as G1, well for now.

It is very interesting to see all touchscreen walkman coming. But don't expect it too soon.

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