Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Sony 12MP Exmor camera phone CMOS

Sony is pushing the envelope on Megapixels. First SE announced the first 8MP earlier this year (though not first to market), now Sony is launching a new 12.25 MP Exmor CMOS. Now if they could work on the video recording part at SE, we will be all good. The 8.11MP will be available this month while 5.15 and 12.25 MP will be released in March 2009.

Sony just announced three new Exmor CMOS (5.15, 8.11 and 12.25Mpix) that we'll probably see in our mobile phones in the near future. Included is the world's first 12.25Mpix (effective pixels) 1/2.5 type CMOS, the IMX060PQ.

Sony also announced a 1/2.5 type lens module at 12.25Mpix, the U060F.

Above is a picture taken with the IMX060PQ and its 12.25Mpix.


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