Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday announcement, W705 specs + pics

Cellphonesail has posted new info on W705 Rika that is going to be announced Thursday. Like the G705 there will be an UMA version, W705u Norika.

Remember G705’s Walkman sister? or should I say ‘Rika’ the name which will soon replace by W705.

Let’s have a look at Rika

Pattern of Rika's Back

W705 in Passionate Red

red-top red-bottom

red-right-close red-left-close-2

red-front-slide red-back-slide

hit the links for more pics

W705 in Luxury Silver

silver-top silver-bottom

silver-right-close-1 silver-left-close-1

silver-front-slide silver-back-slide-1

note that some of the pictures above may not reflect the real unit since they are very early rendering.

then there are some pictures of the UI.


Track ID w/ Play Now link


Send Sound


Chat View

what’s more?

  • 4 GB M2 and HPM-77 included to go with the CLEAR audio experience
  • YouTube application
  • Chat view for messaging
  • the price is probably about the same as W595 when launch!

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