Monday, February 9, 2009

Hikaru leaked has a rendering of what Hikaru is going to look like. It is a Walkman version of the C905 but thinner and larger screen. It is expected to be announced in 6 days at SE's MWC Conference. Below are the rumored specs

- Metal casing
- 2.6" screen
- 8.1mp, AF, face detection
- Bright photo flash (LED)
- Walkman 4.0
- Clear Audio technology
- Player keys
- Kickstand
- 3.5mm jack and additional fastport
- Stereo speakers on top and bottom
- WiFi
- Comfortable keypad (not QWERTY)
- Slider

The kickstand is said to be better then the Nokia N96 kickstand but it will likely serve the same purpose. Stereo speakers and the 3.5mm jack are welcomed additions for music lovers. For a feature phone, this is about as packed as they come.

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newtype2011 said...

SE is back. Finally.

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